With over 30 years of auto financing experience, Autolink is an independent automotive subprime finance company dedicated to the new and used car dealer who understands the importance of long-term thinking when selling and providing financing. Our service allows you to enter the finance industry with no upfront cost and additional regulation. You will be able to maximize your potential with Autolink acting on your behalf as your financial partner. While working under our umbrella for licensing and servicing, you are able to focus on loan origination and quality. We are currently licensed throughout New England.

Autolink will provide the loan and credit guidelines, and funding for the dealer. We are dedicated to servicing the loan with our experienced management team.

  • Spend your time selling, not collecting
  • No minimum FICO score is required
  • Social Security Numbers are not required; We accept ITINs
  • Use our sophisticated service platform to control all aspects of the loan process
  • Work under Autolink's license and service umbrella
  • Don't let the finance companies have all the profit!
  • All automobiles are eligible
  • Increase customer retention through our program
70% Interest Reserve!

100% of Customers Qualify!